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Blackstone's formerly known as KitchenWares

Meet the Team


Pictured from left to right Tanisha Gray-Pate (Store Manager), Jim Hill (Co-Owner), Jennifer Hill (Co-Owner)

About Jennifer

  1. Why retail?  My parents went into retail when I was just 13 so I basically grew up in the industry. My Dad was probably the biggest influence in my decision to follow in a person’s footsteps because he instilled in me the love of being self-employed, but most importantly the love of people and helping people - thank you Dad!
  2. What else do you do? Besides greeting and helping people, I get to do one of my TWO favorite things - SHOP and DECORATE!
  3. Greatest skill. I love to host and entertain!
  4. Favorite foods - Chocolate: Is there anything else (maybe potato chips). Least favorite: Liver (don’t think I need to add anything).
  5. How did I come to live/work in Boston? Left Switzerland (jobless) to move to Boston in 2004 where I had the great fortune to meet a good friend who became my original business partner (Mark Duffield) in Blackstone’s April of 2006 and well, the rest is history!
  6. What do I read? Lots but very slowly… I am avid Stephen King fame but am known to try a good recommendation! One of my local favs is Elin Hilderbrand!
  7. What do I NOT read? The financial news. I leave that to my husband Jim!
  8. If I had to choose one cuisine for the rest of my life; That’s a tough question....I love French, Italian, Swiss, American, Polish, Asian, Mexican… I love food! Do I have to choose?
  9. I want to do more - Travel. Hike. Cooking. See my friends in Switzerland again...
  10. If I could start over again at 18, I would …….. Become a nurse

About Tanisha

  1. Why retail?  Why not? “Do what you love & you’ll never work another day in your life!”
  2. What else do you do? I collect knives (lots of knives - no really A LOT of knives - I have over 60). I’m also your local whetstone sharpening instructor. Have a burning knife or kitchen question? I’m your woman!
  3. Greatest skill. Singing & conflict resolution (I like to think of myself as a peacekeeper)
  4. Favorite foods - Anything I can hunt (Alligator, Duck, Geese, Chicken...the list goes on) but I’m also a sucker for pizza!
  5. Who's your favorite celebrity chef? Gordon Ramsey (he’s handsome, funny and brutally honest...what’s not to love)
  6. What do I read? Sci-Fi, historical fiction and manga (anime in book form). I’m a big nerd at heart!
  7. If you had to have a tattoo, what would it be and where? I have 10 currently (stop by the store to see them all - they are pretty cool if I do say so myself) but I would love to get a cooking related one. Something involving a Kikuichi knife!
  8. If I had to choose one cuisine for the rest of my life.Italian or Jamaican 
  9. I want to do more - food traveling - I want to travel the world and try as much international street food as I can.
  10.  If I could start over again at 18, I would…….. Run a non profit (one that supplies families below the poverty line with housing & food)

About Jim

  1. Why retail?  Love people, all kinds from everywhere   and every day is different. There is always someone new to talk with and many friends and neighbors to keep up with.
  2. What else do you do? I sharpen knives for KitchenWares, tens of thousands so far, so I’ve had a lot of practice and just a few serious cuts - no stitches though. 
  3. Greatest skill. I am a pretty good problem solver. Not higher maths, just everyday business and life stuff.
  4. Favorite foods - Animal proteins: Beef, pork, fish/seafood and chicken in that order. Then cheeses, even the really stinky ones. Least favorite: Eggplant in any form.
  5. How did I come to live/work in Boston? Left the drugs (pharmaceuticals) business after 25 years and moved (jobless) to Boston in 2004. Went to work for Merrill Lynch as a Financial Advisor, then came our retail stores.
  6. What do I read? National / international and financial news plus a few books, mostly financial, history and biography. I read at night, around 3 - 4am. Very peaceful with no interuptions!
  7. What do I NOT read? The sports page or tabloids.
  8. If I had to choose one cuisine for the rest of my life; Italian, with wine and my favorite vegetable - french fries - on the side.
  9. I want to do more - physically active traveling, both US and international. Life outdoors is better.
  10. If I could start over again at 18, I would …….. Become a doctor



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